Overview of the 1st Summer School on Bioinformatics Data Structures

With the objective of attracting and training early-stage researchers in the topics of the action, the consortium organized the 1st Summer School on Bioinformatics Data Structures at Helsinki (Finland) from 9th to 12th August 2016.

To encourage the attendance of any interested early-stage researcher, there was no registration fee and BIRDS provided travel grants, arranged discounts on accommodation and childcare, if needed, to facilitate reconciliation of work and family life. A total of 23 early-stage researchers from different universities of the world attended the Summer School, including staff from UDC, UH, UDEC, and KU. 10 senior lectures from 7 different research institutions presented different lectures, whose teaching materials are available at the website of the project, to increase the dissemination and promote the research related with the action.

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