WP6: Dissemination and Demonstration Activities

Work Package Info:

Lead beneficiary: UDC, Start month: 3, End month 48


  • O6.1: To disseminate the findings of the project.
  • O6.2: To create a network of external researchers that also contribute to the project.
  • O6.3: To attract and train new researchers in the topic of the project.
  • O6.4: To engage and increase the understanding of the non-specialist public in the field.



  • T6.1: Organization of two workshops and a final conference.
  • T6.2: Organize two summer schools.
  • T6.3: Define the dissemination and communication plan, including IP-related issues, access rights and confidentiality matters.
  • T6.4: Coordinate internal scientific periodic reporting and review meetings.
  • T6.5: Promote and evaluate the quality of the publication of the results in scientific international conferences and journals.
  • T6.6: Launch and maintenance of the project website.
  • T6.7: Create teaching material for graduate courses and also for MOOCs.

List of deliverables:

There is one deliverable for this WP consisting in a document that includes all activities done (webpage, brochures,
teaching material, reports on summer schools, dissemination plans) to manage the diffusion of the project.

Deliv. Number Deliverable Name Lead Beneficiary Dissemination Level Due Date (month) Status
D6.1 Final report of WP6 UDC Public 48 Pending