The objectives of this project are:

  • To improve the scientific excellence of the participants in the design of advanced data structures and algorithms for the fields of bioinformatics and information retrieval, taking advantage of the synergies from those two communities, with the aim of improving their position and competitiveness at the international level.
  • To reinforce existing collaborations and to create new collaborations among all the participants, both between EU and international partners and especially among EU partners, with the aim of developing long-term research partnerships.
  • To increase the number of new researchers being attracted to the field and to improve the education of PhD candidates and postdocs.
  • To transfer the knowledge generated to market and create new innovative business opportunities for SMEs in Europe.

To reach these objectives, this project is structured in six work packages, as described next:

Work Package No Work Package Title
WP1 Coordination and management
WP2 Algorithms for sequence analysis
WP3 Compression and indexing techniques for repetitive data
WP4 Data structures and algorithms for network analysis
WP5 Research integration, benchmarking and evaluation
WP6 Training, dissemination and demonstration activities

Three of the work packages focus on distinct but highly-related research tasks, each with its particular set of problems and challenges:

Research Task 1: Algorithms for Sequence Analysis (WP2)

Research Task 2: Compression and Indexing Techniques for Repetitive Data (WP3)

Research Task 3: Data Structures and Algorithms for Network Analysis (WP4)

In addition to these work packages, three more are included related to the management and coordination of the project (WP1), the dissemination and training activities (WP6) and one work package devoted to integrating all research results for their transfer to market and for exploiting them where possible (WP5).